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Ava Ansari

An Iranian immigrant, Ava Ansari works to liberate sensual, institutional, and digital bodies from the fixating notions of governance and participation. Her multilocation productions include: “G–Ray Area” spatial tactics (Oxy Arts, 2023, and University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities, 2021), “Boteh Jeegh” alter-ego (Map Fund, 2021, and CTM Festival, 2020), “Subway” dance app [“Vital Media” MIT Press, 2022, and International Symposium on Electronic Art 2014 (ISEA)], “Poetic Societies” liberatory lab (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, 2022, and “Telepresence as anti-gallery” Centre Pompidou, 2021), and “The Back Room” virtual anti-sanctions (“Alternative Iran,” Stanford Press, 2022). For Ansari, unchaining all is the destination.

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