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The TETRA – Digital Underground Railroad

Chace Morris is a poet, emcee, and recipient of a 2013 Kresge Artist Fellowship in poetry. Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe is a ritualist, writer, and medicine woman of racial healing. She received her Kresge Artist Fellowship in 2014 for theatre. Both are lifelong Detroiters who combined their art practices to form The TETRA.

TETRA’s Digital Underground Railroad is an odyssey across digital and physical terrain. Each PASSENGER is the hero of their own decolonization story. Together, they explore their inner world to shake the ghosts of oppression and conjure the joy necessary to build our Promised Land.

The TETRA is sacred, a liberation journey. They call it the greatest heist since Harriet. The only way in is by invitation. To request an invitation, please reach out to [email protected].

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