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Imani Ma’at AnkhmenRa Amen Taylor

Imani Ma’at AnkhmenRa Amen Taylor, hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, finds her roots deeply embedded in Detroit’s rich legacy of artists, activists, and leaders. As a dancer and drummer, she immerses herself in ancient rhythms, infusing them into her artistry. Through dedicated study of traditional West African drum and dance, African spirituality, and holistic teaching methods, AnkhmenRa Amen Taylor shares these customs with communities and students while creating safe spaces and connecting African American youth to their heritage. As both an educator and artist—as well as the cofounder of the grassroots organization, Flip the Switch 529—she extends these practices globally, fostering cultural unity. In the vibrant rhythm of Detroit, Imani Ma’at is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural custodian committed to empowering youth and nurturing global connections through the transformative essence of African Diasporic arts and culture.

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