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Stevie Soul Ansara

Stevie Soul Ansara is an award-winning beatboxer, vocalist, and multimedia producer based in Detroit.

It was Ansara’s stutter as a child that led him to his passion for rhythm and beats. When he tried to speak, funny sounds came out of his mouth. He’d always get caught up on the first letter of words and struggled to push out the “right” phrase. Eventually, he embraced these funny sounds and converted them into beats and patterns, helping him learn sentence structure, rhythm, and music composition. Once he found his internal rhythm, these sounds became his unique form of self-expression, exchanging his childhood struggle for his true talent—beatboxing.

Ansara wows international audiences with his uncanny ability to recreate the sounds of numerous instruments using only his mouth, body, and looper. In 2020, he created a series of videos inspired by the sounds of everyday life. The series combines the sights and sounds of his collaborators’ crafts with his beats and videography in iconic Detroit settings. Ansara is also a regular cast member in Hip-Prov, the traveling game show where comics and improvisers compete in short-form improv games and hip-hop challenges.

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