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Red Stowall

Native to Detroit, choreographer and a dancer Erika “Red” Stowall started dancing at the age of 4 in the styles of African and Caribbean. She later studied jazz, tap, ballet and modern /contemporary. Her passion for dance grew throughout her teens and she was given many top opportunities to enhance her technical ability, including a summer intensive at Alvin Ailey and performances throughout Michigan and beyond. Stowall attended the University of Michigan, receiving a BFA in Dance and Choreography, and Wayne State University, where she received a Post-Bachelor in Dance Education certification. In 2016, Stowall’s choreography was recognized with an Applebaum Emerging Artist in Residence at Ponyride, and she is the only arts educator to assist with administering US Department of Education Group Project Abroad in Brazil. Stowall is the Artistic Director of Big Red Wall Dance.

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